Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter, to us

This Easter was an extravaganza. And quite frankly I don't remember Easter being quite the event. Likely because I haven't really done the whole Easter shabang since I was a kid. It really wasn't a holiday I traveled to be with family. Though, since we were all in the same place, we had an Easter dinner last year. But it certainly wasn't the hurrah it was this year.

It got me to thinking, are we hypocrites for celebrating a holiday that is "religious" (and our family is not), or does it mean something else? To us, Easter is about the bunny rabbit, giving, egg hunting and being together. Not celebrating that Jesus rose. I'm not suggesting it didn't happen or that others beliefs are wrong, we are more of an agnostic household.

So what does this make Easter to us?
Photo by Emily Pitkin
This year I decided that Easter in our household will be a celebration of Spring. A celebration of Mother Nature and all her beauty. This Easter Sunday was 65 degrees. The blooms on the trees were getting close to exploding. The grass was green. The snow all melted. It was spectacular. And I think we need more holidays to relish in what nature offers us. Sure, we did the traditional decorating of eggs, egg hunt and had a massive meal with friends, but this is what we were celebrating.

From now on, Spring is what we will celebrate on Easter.

You may think of me as a hypocrite. Or something else. And really, that is OK, because, in my mind, religion is to each his own. Far be it from me to criticize what you believe and it certainly doesn't mean we can't be friends. But I hope you will accept and respect what I believe as I do with you.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, no matter what you celebrated!

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