Monday, April 25, 2011

skinny jeans

When I was 26 I bought my first pair of Seven for All Man Kind A Pocket jeans. And I loved them. They were my skinny jeans. If I gained any weight at all there was no squeezing in them. So they were the jeans I strived to wear. And I wore them. A lot. In fact, I wore a hole right through the crotch. In the trash they went.

I told myself if I ever found these jeans again, I would buy a pair. And I was not successful in this adventure as I was only finding them in petites. And then I was pregnant. And then I was struggling to lose the pregnancy weight. The idea of these jeans went out the window. Until recently...

Seven weeks a go I started a fitness bootcamp. Drastically changed the way I eat. And I've been dropping a little weight. The last few days I've noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit. Which I am thrilled about.

On Saturday I was at our local shopping mall searching for a dress to wear to an Easter dinner. Instead, I stumbled upon the Seven A Pockets for tall girls. I was thrilled! I tried them on in a size larger than my originals, telling myself that if I had to buy a size larger I would not buy them at all. But much to my surprise, they were a little too big. I tried on the smaller size, and while I squeezed into them, they fit. And looked fantastic.

I bought them. Yes, I spent entirely too much money on a pair of jeans, but I've been working my ass off and deserve them. Plus I know I will wear them for the next nine years until there is a hole in the crotch. And now I have incentive to keep myself healthy!

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