Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hadley and her room

Hadley has informed me that she does not want her bed anymore. And that she doesn't like her room. That the chair is scary. And that she should start sleeping in mommy and daddy's room instead.

I told her no.

She said, matter-of-factly, I might ad, "Yes, I am going to sleep in your room. I don't like my room anymore."So I told her "That's too bad. I suppose that means we should get rid of all your toys and books, too." And she didn't respond.

So when the subject came up I gave her a choice. "You can sleep in your room or outside with the chipmunks." "No," she responded, "I'll sleep in your bed."

I will ultimately win this battle, it's been a nightly conversation and she always ends up in her bed. But it's the conversation I don't seem to win.

Maybe she should be a lawyer. Or a chief negotiator when she grows up.

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