Friday, October 14, 2011

our first parent-teacher conference

Today was Hadley's, and our, first parent-teacher conference. Today, Jonathan and I squeezed our adult size butts into three year old sized chairs to hear how our daughter's first month of school has been going. And I have to say, it was quite insightful. Here are a few things we learned:

* Hadley recognizes her name.

* She follows instructions.

* She doesn't talk out in class, but she does participate. Her introverted-ness she comes by naturally and I fear comes off as shy.

* She can not cut in a straight line using scissors. Mainly because she had never used them before preschool (her nervous mama wouldn't let her near them).

* When asked to paint a self-portrait, she drew a red rainbow. But I could prove to the teacher that she does draw "people" with a picture I had in my phone. She was just being stubborn (which we all had a pretty good laugh about).

* The over-sensitivity is a super-normal part of being three. Not all kids go through it, but it's not uncommon. We need to continue to blow things off that are no big deal.

* Hadley does things on her own time. She always has. And still does. If you ask her to do something, she almost defies you... Kind of like drawing a picture of a rainbow instead of a person. The teacher doesn't see this as a problem, but we don't want her to be disrespectful in the larger picture.

* Hadley has the teachers help her with opening her snack at school. Interestingly, after school she get's into the car, pulls her uneaten snack out of her backpack, opens the container and shares it with her sister.

* Hadley is a well liked kid. She plays with other children, does not hit or get hit. (I guarantee that Hayden will be a different ball game)

Our next teacher check-in is in January. I'll be curious to see how this all evolves. In the mean time, I have purchased some kid scissors to work on that cutting thing.

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