Tuesday, December 20, 2011

merry christmas from your preschool

Yesterday was Hadley's last day of preschool for the holidays. We spent Sunday baking goodies and decorating Christmas cards to bring to her teachers. We got up in the morning, ate yogurt, brushed teeth and put on clean clothes and headed out for school.

En route, Hadley decided to open up her apple squeezer snack a few hours early and proceeded to squeeze it all over herself. Then she cried about it, mainly because she didn't like how her now gooey shirt felt on her skin. I contemplated going home and calling it a day, but I decided that these are challenges she will have and she needs to learn to work through them.

Now late, we headed to the bathroom to clean her up and get a potty break in for good measure to hopefully avoid any accidents. Hayden played in the sink while I tried to dab up the applesauce and put a paper towel under her shirt to lift it away from her skin while it dried. I'm sure that fell out at some point during play dough time, but at least it will be somewhat dry and she won't be fussing about it. At least there were no calls from school about an unhappy little girl.

After scooting her into her classroom, signing her in, I spot a pink sheet of paper in her cubby. I pulled it out, thinking it was something about the school break and when school resumes and teacher conferences. It wasn't at all what I was expecting. It said:

Your child may have been exposed to STREP THROAT or SCARLET FEVER.

It followed with a list of symptoms and what to do and how to deal with it. Awesome! Our household has not been shy on colds, but we've never had strep throat. And I hope it doesn't strike us (or anyone else, for that matter) at Christmas. It's a no big deal disease in the grand scheme of things and one I am sure we will have to deal with, but the timing couldn't be more awful!

Happy Christmas to us!

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