Friday, February 3, 2012

one of my finer moments in motherhood...

Last night we took our kids to a local waterpark. We purchased an overnight deal that included a great, family friendly hotel room and two days access to the park. The girls had a blast, as did we.

In typical form - especially when traveling, Hayden was up at 6 a.m. Since Hadley and Jonathan were still fast asleep, I slipped on my shoes and we headed downstairs to locate some coffee. I purchased her a plastic bowl of cereal to eat dry.

After hanging around in the lobby a bit, I decided that a trip to the bathroom was needed for obvious reasons, but also to facilitate a diaper change. I put the cereal in the top of my purse and went into the bathroom, where there were not any hooks to hang a bag. So I plopped it on the floor, went about my business. Hayden pulled out the bowl, sat down on the floor and proceeded to eat her cereal.

On. The. Stall. Floor.

The only upside I could see was that the bathroom had clearly just been cleaned. Needless to say, I bundled her up quick, changed her diaper and scrubbed her hands. The clothes she was wearing is in the washing machine.

One of my finer moments...

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