Friday, February 17, 2012

three year olds and donating things

The girls each received a gift card to Toys R Us from Grandma for Valentines Day. They've wanted a doll house and due to bad behavior I haven't allowed it. But they had been good for sometime and it just seemed right to go make the purchase. They were absolute angels in Toys R Us, staying right with me. And they were dreams at home when we were assembling. I was very happy with purchasing the doll house because they were so good and appreciative.

Last night I mentioned to Hadley that maybe we should think about picking out a few toys that we could give to other kids. I explained that we were quite lucky and there are some children who are not. We could help brighten their day by donating a few things that we were done with. She was worried I would give away her dollies, but I told her to think about it and we'd talk about it tonight. 

This afternoon I broached the subject of donating some toys again. I reminded her that we were able to get this really great new toy and now we could get rid of a few things we don't need. I suggested that after dinner we go to the playroom and pick out a few things. 

Before I could even clear the table she brought me two toys. I asked her if we should go downstairs and select a couple more, which she agreed to do. We selected six toys all together to donate. I am very proud of her for taking the initiative to select them, without crying or complaining.

I couldn't be more proud.

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