Monday, February 20, 2012

stuff she says

  • "Daddy Mana" - Hayden, translates to "Daddy Monster", which we refer to daddy who growls when he wakes up
  • "Hair Ups" - Hadley, translates to pony tail holders
  • "Allerina" - Hayden, translates to "tutu" or "ballerina"
  • "Splendid" - Hadley, translates to the flavored fizzy water we sampled at Costco that I was told was sweetened with Splenda
  • "Uce" - Hayden, translate to "juice"
  • "Kiki" - Hayden and Hadley, translates to "blanket"
  • "Mil, mil, mil" - Hayden, translates to "give me milk right this very second"
  • "Getting Married" - Hadley, translates to "getting your prince"
  • "Ammies" - Hayden, translates to "pajamas"

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