Saturday, April 7, 2012

happy easter

We are not a religious family, so Easter for us is really an excuse to do fun things to spoil the kids and spend time together. So, much like Santa Claus, I have chatted up the Easter Bunny myth to the girls. Hadley, who is nearing four years-old, has no less that 1000 questions about the Easter Bunny. And in her awe, I convinced her that she should be extra good and helpful tonight, otherwise the Easter Bunny will not come and deliver her special treats and hide our freshly decorated Easter eggs. Here is how a couple of our conversations went:

Hadley: "What is the Easter Bunny's name?"
Me: "Easter Bunny"
Hadley: "No! What is his LAST name?"
Me: "Bunny"
Hadley: "That's silly, mommy."

Hadley: "How does the Easter Bunny get into the house?
Me: "Hmmm... Good question, I really don't know. How do you think he gets in?"
Hadley: "Down the fireplace, like Santa."
Me: "No, that's only for Santa. Maybe he gets really flat and slips under the front door."
Hadley: "Oh. How does he get bigger again?"
Me: "He blows into his thumb and blows himself back up, like a balloon."
Hadley: "That's silly, mommy."

Happy Easter, friends, no matter how you celebrate it!

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